Dry-cured meat products and dry-fermented sausages
Cooked sausages
Canned chopped meat
Canned sausages
Boiled sausages
Smoked delicatessen and bacon

Cooked sausages

Considering the quantity as well as its wide array of products this category stands for the most distributed one around our retail outlets. By applying specially selected production procedures and by carefully selecting proper materials and seasoning the end results are always products rich in taste and blooming with pleasant aromas, with a very noticeable texture and succulence. Through the employment of the most modern machinery we have managed to provide our products with exceptional appearance and a rich smooth exterior.
Cooked and processed at temperatures up to 75°C, these products are suitable for storage at temperatures including +4°C.
Do experience a selection of or cooked sausages:

Hot dogs
Chicken Hot Dogs
Chicken Hot Dogs with Cheese
Special Chicken Hot Dogs
Special Sausage
Parisian Sausage
Special Chicken Sausage
Chicken Sausage
Chicken Sausage with Cheese
Chicken Sausage with Vegetables
Pipi Chicken Sausage
"M" Maxi Mortadela
Kranj Sausage
Patty Loaf in Casing
Alpine Sausage
Ham Sausage
Novi Sad Sausage
Serbian Sausage
Hunter’s Sausage
Bacon in Casing
Slim Grill Sausage
Beef Sausage
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